Bose Professional ShowMatch.
The newest Delta Q.

Bose Professional ShowMatch.Array loudspeakers. The newest Delta Q technology design - feature replaceable waveguides that allow changing coverage and asymmetrical patterns, in compact enclosures optimized for both installation and portable applications requiring the best possible (top-class) sound quality. ?DeltaQ? Array Technology improves sound quality and vocal clarity by allowing directivity, or ?Q,? to vary with each array module, directing more sound to the audience and less to walls and floors. ?Get the array coverage you need with fewer boxes. Available with 5, 10, or 20 vertical coverage, array modules provide class-leading versatility forming conventional (J-Array and constant-curvature) or DeltaQ? arrays. Conventional line arrays can require up to twice the box count compared to DeltaQ? arrays to achieve comparable vertical coverage. DeltaQ? arrays can improve sight lines, reduce rigging weight, and lower system costs. ?Replaceable waveguides allow changing horizontal coverage to best match audience coverage needs and can form asymmetrical patterns for improved acoustic performance in left/right arrays. ?Highest Full-Range Output In Size Class. 145 dB peak array output levels generated from proprietary 2x8? neodymium woofers and 4x EMB2S neodymium compression drivers, with more usable low-frequency output in smaller arrays. ?Compact, portable enclosure with removable ?side guards? optimize design for both installation and portable applications, from small clubs and houses of worship, to the largest performing arts centers and concert-sound amphitheaters. ?Matching-width 1x18? subwoofer and complete rigging accessories are also available.

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Studiocobww is designed to establish a new standard as "Parcan with LED source" , emerging from the interaction between Chip On Board technology and a new optical solution to maximize efficiency and ensure unprecedented performance in its category.

STUDIOCOBWW employs a 100W COB LED source Tungsten White 3200K, combined with a special parabolic reflector built in aluminium which develops an extremely bright and homogeneous output and interchangeable lens system to switch from 60°(incl.)to 30°(incl.) and 15°(opt.)

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Grande Inaugurazione!!!!!
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